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1.1. Futulab is the internship platform of the University of Tartu accessible via

1.2. The administrator of Futulab is the University of Tartu who provides the service of Futulab, allowing students to upload profiles and project proposals, join projects and view internship offers and allowing university employees and organisations to add project proposals and internship offers as well as to browse student profiles.

1.3. Futulab users are legal and natural persons (e.g. students, employers, teaching staff).

1.4. The objective of Futulab is to support students in their studies by mediating internship offers and giving them a chance to participate in project-based internships.


Users of Futulab can:

  • add profiles, browse Futulab profiles added by others and, if interested, contact the person who added the profile;
  • submit project applications, browse other projects added to Futulab and, if interested, contact the person who added the project;
  • submit project offers, browse other projects added to Futulab and, if interested, contact the provider of the internship;
  • join projects.

2.1. Adding profiles is voluntary. Students can view internship offers even without adding profiles. Adding a profile gives students a chance to be visible to employers and to market themselves. The personal data uploaded by users to the platform will be published in Futulab ( and/or

  • To add profiles to Futulab, users must insert their first name, surname and email address as well as data about their curriculum, institute, the desired internship/work type, their character strengths and skills.
  • First names and surnames must be made public for employers to know whose profile they are viewing upon searching for interns.
  • E-mail addresses must be made public for employers to be able to contact the suitable candidates.
  • Data about curriculum and institute must be made public for employers to know the kind of knowledge the intern is acquiring during the application period – this allows them to look for a person with a profile that fits well with the company/organisation.
  • Data about the desired internship/work type must be made public for the employer to be aware of what kinds of offers the student might be interested in.
  • Data about character strengths and skills must be made public for the employer to get a better overview of whether a candidate with such characteristics is a good fit for their organisation.

Adding experience, CV and profile pictures is voluntary.

Data of users who have uploaded profiles is retained in the Futulab database for up to six months. Users have the right to apply for their profile to be deleted at any point in time by emailing, if they wish so. Based on the application, profile data will be permanently deleted.

2.2. To submit project applications, users must fill in the project template. In order to do this, they must download it as a Word file from the Futulab website and fill it in. On the Futulab site, they must write the project name, their first name and surname, email address, the name of the organisation and the team size in the project submission window. After that, the filled-in template must be uploaded in PDF-format.

All personal data submitted by users are made public on the Futulab projects subpage ( The presented data is necessary for the students to be able to join projects and participate in courses, i.e. complete project-based internships. In the final stages of the project, Academic Affairs Specialists register students in SIS.

2.3. There are two ways users can submit internship offers: by filling in the internship offer template on the internship offer subpage ( or by uploading the offer in PDF format and submitting additional data.

The data of the user submitting the internship offer is retained until the registration deadline laid down in the offer. Users have the right to apply for their internship offer to be deleted at any point in time by emailing if they wish so. Based on the application, offer data will be permanently deleted.

2.4. In order to join projects, users must submit their first name and surname, email address and curriculum. Adding character strengths and skills is voluntary. The user´s first name, surname and curriculum are made public in the project submission window under Join on the Futulab website. The email address, character strengths and skills are only visible to the administrator who forwards them to the submitter of the project. The participation of students who joined the projects is coordinated by Futulab administrators.

The data of joined students and submitters of projects are deleted from the data base permanently within two weeks after the project has concluded. Projects are archived (without personal data).


3.1. If they wish to, users can upload and publish their personal data on Futulab´s website to be more visible to employers.

3.2. Users can only join projects if they make their first names, surnames and curricula public on Futulab.

3.3. Users are responsible for the accuracy of the personal data provided.

3.4. Upon using Futulab, all activity that might hinder the work of Futulab or that contradicts legislation is forbidden. In detecting forbidden activity, the University of Tartu has the right to restrict users´ access to Futulab or delete some of the uploaded personal data.

3.5 Forbidden activity includes but is not limited to overloading Futulab with inquiries, uploading unsecure or illegal content to the system, violating copyright as well as other condemnable acts or facilitation of such behaviour.


4.1. The university has a right to use Futulab for teaching and learning, research and administrative purposes.

4.2. Futulab only uses secure connections (HTTPS).

4.3. Futulab is hosted by servers managed by the university and located in Estonia.

4.4. The university is not responsible for the content uploaded to Futulab by users.


5.1. The University of Tartu is the data controller of personal data only to provide users with a service and allow studies to be conducted in accordance with the data protection policy of Futulab.

5.2. To make Futulab better and more efficient and to improve the analytics and user experience, Futulab utilises Google Analytics cookies that gather data on user sessions and activities. Users have the right to refuse Google Analytics cookies. Google Analytics data are retained for three years. Additionally, Futulab uses cookies that save language settings.

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