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The University of Tartu Futulab supports students’ development and career. In Futulab the organisation has an opportunity to

Why Futulab?

We are the highest-ranked university in the Baltics in the top 1,2% of the world’s best universities.

  • Adding offers is free.
  • No login or registration acquired.
  • Helps to find interns and employees from university – the platform is for 13 600 students (incl. international).
  • An opportunity to involve students from different curricula in the implementation of ideas.
  • It brings together students, employers, and the university.
How to organise an internship?

The internship has three parties: a student, a university supervisor, and a supervisor from the internship base. The internship has two essential goals: to support the implementation of learned knowledge and the development of students. Each student formulates a more concrete objective and coordinates it with a university and an internship base at the beginning of the internship. Next, you will find helpful tips on organizing the internship to support cooperation in a three-way. An internship that’s thought through and systematic supports the onboarding of the future organisation’s employees.

  • Think about the skills and knowledge you expect from an intern.
  • Set the action and responsibility areas for the intern.
  • Assign the internship supervisor in the organisation.
  • Introduce the organisation and its employees.
  • Explain the expectations and objective for the internship.
  • Coordinate and review the objective and tasks of student internship (at project-based internship review the project objective).
  • Agree on the deadlines for tasks.
  • Support the student in achieving her/his goals and tasks.
  • At least once a week, give constructive feedback to the student so that she/he would learn even more (ideal would be short feedback every day).
  • Encourage student to ask questions and seek answers.
  • Be supportive and friendly in any situation, but don’t let student feel comfortable.
  • Share your knowledge and skills.
  • Be demanding and encourage the student to take responsibility.
  • In case of any problems, inform the university supervisor.
  • At the end of the internship, give feedback on the student’s performance and the internship process.
  • If possible, take part in the final seminar of the internship.

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