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Call to Action – STUDENTS: Join Project-based Internship

21 Sep 2023

Hello student!

Futulab invites you to participate in our project-based internship program!

We have four exciting projects waiting for you. Check out the projects and schedule HERE –

Choose the project that interests you the most and join by October 15th.

Why should you join?

🚀 Step out of your comfort zone and engage in a real project that’s waiting for solutions.

🚀 Gain experience like never before.

✨ Apply your field-specific skills and contribute to the development of future skills.

✨ Collaborate with a diverse group of students.

✨ Expand your network of contacts.

Join the project if you:

👉 Are proactive and goal-oriented.

👉 Seek to broaden your knowledge and share your expertise.

👉 Aren’t afraid to try, learn, and experiment.

👉 Are willing to invest your time and energy!

Participating in the project internship offers:

📚 Earn 6 academic credits.

🤝 Collaborate with students from various study programs.

💼 Expand your network by connecting with companies and organizations.

🚀 Gain practical experience that supports your future skills.

🎓 Include the project internship as part of your academic curriculum.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Best regards,

Anneli Lorenz, coordinator of project-based internship