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The University of Tartu Futulab is a platform that supports your career and creates a number of opportunities for development. Here we will give you more detailed information about what a student can do in the Futulab environment and what opportunities it creates for you.


In Futulab the student has an opportunity to
1. Search internship and job offers.
2. Join the project-based internship and/or submit his/her own project idea.
3. Add their profile and be more visible to employers.
4. Find information about events (incl. seminars, workshops, etc.)
5. Join the Leader Program.
6. Book an appointment with a Counsellor in UT Counselling Centre.

1. Internship and job offers

The internship and job offers are visible to everyone (incl. to students from other universities). A student can distinguish internship and job offers and search them by location, field, and language. Before going to an internship, students must get acquainted with his/her institute’s internship system.


For a successful internship, students must get acquainted with the internship system of their institute or turn to their internship coordinator.

2. Project-based internship

The project-based internship is a university-wide course (SVMJ.02.014) that all students (incl. students from other universities) can take as an elective or optional course. Students can participate in the project-based internship as a team member and/or as a project idea author. For example, solving the idea or problem submitted by an organisation or individual, gives student an experience of a real working environment and therefore the opportunity to acquire practical experience in addition to theoretical knowledge. The course takes place twice a year, in the autumn and spring semesters. The dates for submitting a project idea or joining a project are found on the project-based internship subpage.

  • At the same time, you can only participate in one project. Each project team can have 3-10 students from different curricula and degrees (incl. Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D.).
  • To submit an idea, go to, click on Submit project, download the project form. If the project form is filled out, it needs to be uploaded in the same window in PDF format. The author of the project idea has an opportunity to test cases, analyse problems, and/or implement ideas together with a student team. The project-based internship is coordinated by the School of Economics and Business Administration, and for further information please contact
3. Student’s profile

Only students of the University of Tartu can add their profiles. For that, go to, click on Add profile, log in with your UT user account and fill the blanks for uploading the profile. Adding a profile is an opportunity for the student to make themselves visible to the employers and stand out. The employer can get acquainted with profiles and contact a suitable student.

4. Events

University-wide events can be found on Futulab menu. Here you find various seminars, workshops, career days, and other events. In order to add an event, write to

5. Leader Program

Students of the University of Tartu have an opportunity to participate in the Leader Program. The program is designed for an active, intentional, and self-leading student, who in addition to learning in the curriculum, wishes to acquire knowledge, experience, and skills from society at large.

6. UT Counselling Centre

The Counselling Centre offers to UT students

  • Career counselling – helps students better understand themselves, see and evaluate their abilities, set goals, and draw up an action plan.
  • Psychological counselling – aims to support students in the case of problems or questions arising during studies or in personal life in connection with communication, self-assertion, self-esteem, adapting to new environments, and excessive stress.

Book your appointment with a Psychologist, Career Counsellor, or Special Needs Adviser at (Use Google translate for translating the form. For example in Chrome you can use this function if you right-click on the form and choose „Translate to English“).

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